Security Training Courses


KayJay Security provides comprehensive security training courses for local and international establishments. KayJay Security Management Courses offers the opportunity for you to gain accreditation for your developing management skills from content which you cover in your workplace within the security sector every day. The program is designed to meet the needs of established and aspiring managers within the security and related industries. The program has been developed with the active support and involvement of industry practitioners.

KayJay offers short term security courses that encompass 2 working days to intense programs that takes up to 15 working days. Our well trained officers conduct the respective courses at the client's location.

The courses cover some of the following key areas:

  • 1. Health and Safety policy and procedures;
  • 2. Security Legislation
  • 3. Principles of budgets and budgetary control
  • 4. Principles and application of contingency planning
  • 5. Disaster recovery
  • 6. Electronic security
  • 7. Risk analysis
  • 8. Recruitment and selection
  • 9. Team building and leadership
  • 10. Conflict management
  • 11. Project planning
  • 12. Stress management